The Classic Slave Narratives Character Descriptions

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Gustavus Vassa

This individual, whose name was changed by slave traders, spent many years at sea and was finally able to purchase freedom.

Harriett Jacobs

This slave wrote under a pseudonym and spent many years living in a grandparent's crawl space in order to hide from the slave owner.

Fredrick Douglass

This slave was born under a different name but changed it upon obtaining freedom; as a slave, this individual spent a great deal of time pursuing knowledge in spite of the slave owner's objections.

Mary Prince

This slave is initially purchased as a gift for a young girl and after many years in servitude, is abandoned due to ill health and left with no resources.


This slave lives in the home where another of the slaves lives; this individual is described as pretty, industrious, and friendly, and is beaten to death while pregnant by the slave...

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