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Gustavus Vassa

• Chapter One:

• Vassa describes his country of origin and the customs of his people.

• Vassa also speculates that his people may have originated from the same ancestors as the Jews and provides support from a few authors on that subject.

• Chapter Two: Vassa talks about the kidnapping of himself and his sister and of their travel afterward.

• Vassa describes the various places to which he was taken before finally arriving in the West Indies.

• Vassa talks about the horrific conditions aboard the slave ship and his frightening arrival in Barbados.
• Chapter Three:

• Vassa is taken to Virginia and discusses his surprise at seeing a number of modern items, such as a watch.

• After being bought by Captain Pascal, Vassa sails for England.

• Vassa spends some time fighting on Pascal's war ship.

• Chapter Four:

• Vassa converts to Christianity and is baptized.

• Vassa returns to England and expects...

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