The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty Character Descriptions

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Sleeping Beauty

This person is the main character of the classic tale about a princess who slept for a hundred years due to the Evil Queen's spell.

Prince Tristan

This person is another slave in the Court of Queen Eleanor, with golden hair and violet blue eyes.

Nicolas, the Queen's Chronicler and Chief Historian

Dark, shadowy blue eyes with black centers reveal this character's coldness and are set off by white hair.

Mistress Jennifer Lockley

This character is the Innkeeper of the Sign of the Lion and is a sadist.

Captain of the Guard

This character is the leader of the local regiment of soldiers.

Commander of the Patrol

This character is in charge of the slaves at the auction. A cruel man, this person takes great delight in the role of punisher.

Lady Juliana

This character is a former slave and has a vicious temper. Her long...

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