The City Reader Short Essay - Answer Key

Richard T. LeGates
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1. How many selections are in The City Reader? How were they chosen, according to Richard LeGates?

In Richard LeGates' Editor's Introduction, he writes that The City Reader contains fifty-three selections from writers past and present in contributing to our understanding of cities. These writings, articles and excerpts are defined as "essential" in their theories and vision, according to LeGates and his colleagues.

2. What does Richard LeGates discuss in terms of discipline within academia in the Introduction?

Professor LeGates points out that colleges and universities today compartmentalize knowledge whereas the lines which blur different departments regarding cities can be fuzzy.questions the attributes and detriments to interdisciplinary programs in universities in understanding and studying history.

3. What is Richard LeGates' purpose in the article "How to Study Cities"?

"How to Study Cities" provides some background on the evolution of scholarship on cities from the first half of the twentieth century, the nineteenth century, and before. In this article, LeGates lays out the principles and bases upon which the student is to evaluate the articles and research in the collection.

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