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Richard T. LeGates
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Garden Cities

These urban areas with open spaces (among other qualities) were first proposed by Ebenezer Howard.

Broadacre Cities

These loose-knit communities of self-sufficient families were proposed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

Contemporary City

This refers to a dense and strategically planned urban environment proposed by Le Corbusier.


This name was given by Robert Fishman to suburbs that have been changed through the rise of technology.


This plan for the new world city model that will be necessary once the population explodes was proposed by Constantin Doxiadis.


This issue pervades urban planning and several authors write of how women experience cities and especially suburbs differently from men.

Open Spaces

This important element is one that many authors cite as a lack in poor and derelict areas throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.


This changed from industrial to post-industrial and is often cited as an example...

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