The City of Gold and Lead Character Descriptions

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Will Parker

He was scheduled to be Capped on his fourteenth birthday, but before that day a stranger came to his village and told him a group of un-Capped people lives in the White Mountains and that he could go there rather than submit to the Tripods.

Jean-Paul Deliet, or Beanpole

He is a French boy Will and Henry met while traveling from England to the White Mountains somewhere in Germany.

Fritz Eger

He is the third boy chosen to go to the Games in hopes of being admitted to the Tripod city.


He is Will's cousin. The two cousins did not get along when they were young, but they became friends on the journey.


He is the leader of the un-Capped at White Mountain.

Ulf and Moritz

They are the crew of the Erlkonig. Ulf is the captain of the barge.

Will's Master

He is...

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