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Chapter 1, Three Are Chosen

• Tripods have conquered Earth and the aliens keep humans docile with the use of caps.

• Will, Henry, and Beanploe are to be capped on their fourteenth birthday but hear of a place where humans are uncapped.

• They find this group of individuals and hope to raise a rebellion against the Tripods by being accepted into one of their cities.

• They can get into a Tripod city by going to the Games. In order to do this they must chose a sport and work hard at it.
• The three work everyday at their sport. Will and Henry are sure they will be chosen but Beanpole worries.

• Will wants both his friends at the games because they traveled together for six months looking for the free humans.

• The three had many dangers getting to White Mountain and Will even killed a Tripod with an ancient ball...

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