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John Berendt
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Short Answer Questions

1. What kind of uniform is Capitano Mario Moro wearing the second time the narrator sees him?

2. Where is Peter from originally?

3. Who does the narrator say defeated Venice at the height of its grandeur?

4. What does Peter say the new structure of the Fenice will have to be made of?

5. What is Signor Seguso's nickname?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Rose's experiences with Ezra Pound.

2. Describe the nature of Stefani's poetry based on what you read in Chapter 13.

3. Describe Mayor Costa's role in the Fenice rebuilding.

4. Why is Countess Marcello so valuable to Save Venice?

5. What is the pigeon problem in Venice and how is it being dealt with?

6. Describe the results of the bidding competition for the rebuilding project and explain how and why they became a problem.

7. What does Count Marcello tell the narrator during the prologue?

8. What does Peter say to the narrator about "sloganeering"?

9. How does Archimede Seguso react to the fire?

10. Explain the situation that occurs with the seagull and the pigeon while the narrator is talking to Ludovico De Luigi at the beginning of Chapter 10 and its significance.

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Explain how the outcome of De Luigi's vandalism of the Fenice mural at the rebuilding site differs from what he expected and how the policeman's comment to De Luigi is significant for the rest of the story.

Essay Topic 2

Using the example of the Fenice fire investigation, describe how the narrator portrays guilt and innocence in this crime and within Venetian culture.

Essay Topic 3

Describe the power struggle between Bob Guthrie and Larry Lovett and explain how this power struggle is symbolically important for the rest of the book.

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