Objects & Places from The City of Falling Angels

John Berendt
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The setting of the story, this place's character lies within its citizens.

The Fenice Opera House

This building is a historic landmark and the subject of most of the novel after it burns to the ground.

Haig's Bar

This is a place where people commune during the fire that the narrator describes at the beginning of the book. While only seen and mentioned briefly, it is important because it is the first place that the Mafia is mentioned as a cause of the fire.

Palazzo Barbaro

This place is home to the expatriate Curtis family. Its piano nobile is sold during the novel.

Guidecca Canal

The narrator crosses this to get to Garden of Eden and Count Volpi's home.

The Hidden Nest

This is the home owned by Olga Rudge where she lived with Ezra Pound. After her death, it is rented out.


This is an...

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