Daily Lessons for Teaching The City of Falling Angels

John Berendt
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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1, "An Evening in Venice")


The prologue to the City of Falling Angels is essentially a discourse about the nature of reality and truth. During this lesson, students will examine these points as they are made in the prologue.


1) Begin this lesson by calling on one or several students and asking them to paraphrase the points Count Marcello makes in the prologue. Have other students add information if they see fit.

2) Ask your class to focus on Marcello's point about the nature of reality. Have your students work in small groups to discuss this point. What does Marcello say about reality, and what does he mean? When your groups are finished, have them compare their answers to these questions aloud.

3) When your groups are finished talking, divide your class into two groups. Conduct a class debate on whether or not your students believe that Count Marcello is right in how...

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