The City of Falling Angels Fun Activities

John Berendt
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Photo Roulette

Create your own photography project based on the narrator's description of "Photo Roulette" by taking pictures of your own surroundings the way he photographs Venice.

Apollo, Dionysus, Bacchus

Create two designs showing what you might have done to create an Apollonian entrance hall and an auditorium focused on Dionysus and Bacchus as the Venetian mask-maker Guerrino Lovato explains this experience to the narrator in the book.

Venetian Glass

Do some research on Murano glassblowing or Archimede Seguso's glass in particular and present what you've learned to the class.

A Collection of Things Past

Using Daniel Curtis's collection of parts of the Palazzo Barbaro as an example, create your own collection (or describe what your collection might contain) of things from the past that are important to you.

The Aspern Papers

Using the stories of Juliana Bordereau, Olga Rudge, and Peggy Guggenheim as models, write a modern...

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