The City of Falling Angels Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

John Berendt
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Essay Topic 1

Explain what the narrator says at the beginning of Chapter 2 about Venice's beauty and how this relates to his explanation of the fall of Venice at the end of the chapter.

Essay Topic 2

Using the Lauritzens "magazzino" as an example, explain the differences between the Venetian and Anglo-Saxon mentalities as described in Chapter 3.

Essay Topic 3

Using Ezra Pound and Peggy Guggenheim as examples, describe what the Lauritzens say the social life in Venice is like.

Essay Topic 4

Compare/contrast the author's writing style with the pace of life in Venice, giving specific examples from the book.

Essay Topic 5

Using what you know about his uncovering of Gladio, explain how Felice Casson is presented in the book as being a bearer of justice.

Essay Topic 6

Explain the importance of the gods Apollo, Dionysus, and Bacchus for the interior of the Fenice and why they are important as...

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