The City of Falling Angels Character Descriptions

John Berendt
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John Berendt

This journalist, the main character, travels to the location of his story to give the reader an in-depth look at the people, the culture, and the situations involved.

Signor Archimede Seguso

This character is eighty-six years old at the beginning of the book, and is a highly skilled glassmaker.

Giampaolo Seguso

This character feels like the black sheep of his family. He owns his own glassworks and has involved his family in lengthy legal battles.

Count Marcello

This character owns one of the most spectacular private libraries in Venice, and is involved in Save Venice.

Peter Lauritzen

This character is the narrator's landlord, an American expatriate, a published author, and a popular lecturer.

Olga Rudge

This character was Ezra Pound's mistress, lived in Venice most of her life, and dies at the age of 101.

Ezra Pound

This poet lived in Venice with his mistress and wrote...

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