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Jeanne DuPrau
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What kind of soup does Lina make for Granny?
(a) Tomato
(b) Chicken noodle.
(c) Beef.
(d) Spinach and onion.

2. How do Lina and Doon know the man in the tunnel has unlocked the door?
(a) They don't know.
(b) The man says he's going to unlock it.
(c) They hear the key in the lock.
(d) They see him unlock it.

3. What does the old man say when Doon asks how the generator works?
(a) That it's too complicated for Doon to understand.
(b) He begins a complicated explanation that Doon doesn't understand.
(c) That he doesn't know.
(d) That Doon shoud come watch it and try to understand for himself.

4. What does Doon say he usually dreams about?
(a) Insects.
(b) A way out of Ember.
(c) Locks and clocks.
(d) The river.

5. Where are the citizens of Ember asked to gather for a public meeting?
(a) At Harken Square.
(b) At the greenhouse.
(c) At Plummer Street.
(d) At the Vegetable Market.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is past the trash heaps?

2. Who is Alis Fleery?

3. What does Doon's father say a person gets when he doesn't control his anger?

4. What job does Doon say he desperately wanted?

5. What is Doon looking for in the "F" section of the library?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are some of the old words and phrases Doon finds in a book in the library and what does the book say they mean?

2. What interests Doon so much that he has a book about it, what is the book called, and how does he study this subject?

3. What are the other tragedies Lina thinks about as she stays home from work to take care of Granny?

4. Describe the pencils Looper has for sale and Lina's reaction to them.

5. Describe the drawing Lina creates on the back of a can label.

6. Why does Lina want to be a messenger and why does Doon want to work in the Pipeworks?

7. What is Dr. Tower's first reaction when Lina says her Granny is sick and what does she instruct Lina to do once she's seen Granny?

8. What is Doon's father's job and how does his job impact Doon's apartment?

9. What are the clues that the paper from the fancy box was written by the Builders?

10. What does Nammy Proggs say to Lina after Lina finds Poppy at Doon's father's store?

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