Objects & Places from The City of Ember

Jeanne DuPrau
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A city built underground to escape the destruction of Earth.

The Builders

The group of scientists who created Ember.

The Pipeworks

An area under the city of Ember where the city's water pipes are routed.

Assignment Day

The day when all the twelve-year-olds are assigned their jobs in Ember.

Lina's Closet

Where the instructions for leaving Ember are discovered.

Ember School

Where Lina and Doon attend classes until Assignment Day.

The Book of the City of Ember

A book that's treated as a textbook in school and contains everything everyone knows about Ember.

Highest Class

The last class of school before students at the age of twelve, complete their studies and begin work.

Small Items Shop

The store that Doon's father runs.

Crawling and Flying Things

The name of the journal Doon keeps in which he records his observations about bugs and worms.

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