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Short Answer Questions

1. As soon as Borlú opens fire on the shooter, what happens?

2. While in Breach, Borlú is shown video footage of what?

3. After a great insight, Borlú realizes Geary understood what at the time of her death?

4. Why is the shooter at Copula Hall not captured by Breach?

5. Who gets shot at Copula Hall?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are dissensi?

2. What accident interrupts Borlú and Ashil? What is the effect of this accident?

3. Who is Ian Croft and what does he believe about Breach?

4. Why does Borlú go to the University Library of Ul Qoma? What does he find there?

5. What video footage is Borlú shown?

6. What crime has Borlú committed? How did he commit this act?

7. What information does Borlú get from Dahar Jaris?

8. How does Borlú walk through the city while out with Ashil?

9. Who killed Geary and why?

10. What information does Rodriguez give Borlú regarding Geary?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What do you think the future has in store for Tye after the close of the novel? Predict the future for Tye based on his thoughts and actions throughout the novel. Will he find satisfaction in his new life?

Essay Topic 2

Write an essay explaining the significance of the title of the novel. How does the novel’s title reflect the settings, conflicts, and themes?

Essay Topic 3

Seeing (and, by contrast) “unseeing” are both essential concepts to the novel. Explain how these concepts are necessary to daily life and how they influence the novel’s themes.

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