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Essay Topic 1

There are many mysteries in the novel, including the mystery regarding who killed Mahalia Geary, the mystery regarding Orciny, and the mystery regarding the nature of Breach. Discuss the mysteries that are inherent to the story’s plot and how they are resolved (or not) by the novel’s end.

Essay Topic 2

Analyze the author’s choice to tell this story by using a first-person point of view. How does viewing the story through the first-person viewpoint of Borlú affect the story? How would the book be different if the story was told through third-person narration?

Essay Topic 3

Write an essay exploring how Borlú changes over the course of the novel.

Essay Topic 4

Write an essay explaining the significance of the title of the novel. How does the novel’s title reflect the settings, conflicts, and themes?

Essay Topic 5

Borlú finds himself involved in several conflicts...

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