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1. Describe the character of Mae as she is introduced in the beginning of the novel. What are Mae's circumstances as the story begins?

Mae is a 24-year-old woman who is introduced on her first day at a new job at the Circle, the most powerful and expansive internet service in the world. She has just gotten this job through her friend Annie's influences and connections.

2. How is the campus of the Circle described? Where is it located?

The campus of the Circle is sprawling and the different areas of the campus are called by different eras such as "The Old West" and "The Renaissance." The campus is located just outside the fictional city of San Vincentio, California.

3. How does the narrator describe Mae and Annie's history in Book I?

Annie and Mae attended college together at Carleton and were roommates for two years. They have been best friends for years, though Annie is two years older than Mae.

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