The Circle Character Descriptions

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Mae Holland

This protagonist of the novel is a 24-year-old woman who is revealed to be something of an anti-hero by the conclusion of the narrative. When she is introduced, it is her first day of employment at the Circle, a job she secured with the help of her best friend from college.

Mercer Medeiros

This character is the protagonist's ex-boyfriend from high school. He runs a deer-antler chandelier business and ultimately turns against the protagonist and everything that the Circle stands for.

Annie Allerton

This character is the best friend of the protagonist from college. She is responsible for pulling influence in getting the protagonist a position at the Circle.

Francis Garaventa

This character becomes involved romantically with the protagonist. He is a programmer who has developed a program called ChildTrack which helps prevent crimes against children.

Tyler Gospodinov

This character is the founder of the Circle and...

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