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Book I: Pages 1 – 101

• NOTE: Due to the structure of this novel, this Lesson Plan has been broken up into sections according to page numbers. This guide specifically refers to the following version of the book: Eggers, Dave. The Circle. Alfred A. Knopf (a division of Random House LLC), 2013. Hardcover.

• The Circle is divided into three parts, with Book I and Book II comprising the majority of the narrative. Book III consists of three pages.

• Book I introduces 24-year-old protagonist Mae Holland from the limited perspective of a third-person narrator.

• Mae has arrived at the headquarters of the vast and powerful internet company, the Circle; it is Mae’s first day of employment with the company—secured by Mae’s college friend Annie.

• Mae is shown to her cubicle in the Renaissance building by an employee named Renata, and Mae is horrified to find that, unlike the other unique...

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