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Professor Nathan Appleman

This is the protagonist’s experimental psychology professor at Hirsch College.

Davey Cantor

This is one of the players on the protagonist’s baseball team. He provides the protagonist with information about the fierceness of the Hasidic team they are playing and refers to the other team as “murderers.”

Mrs. Carpenter

This is the nurse who is responsible for the protagonist in the hospital.

Mr. Galenter

This character is the coach of the protagonist’s high school baseball team. He is a dedicated instructor who teaches in public school and coaches the yeshiva team on the side.

Rav Gershenson

This is the protagonist’s Talmud teacher at Hirsch College. He is considered a fine scholar and warm person.

Sidney Goldberg

This character is the shortstop on the protagonist’s baseball team.

Dr. Grossman

This is the physician who tends to the protagonist’s father after...

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