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Chapter 1

• Chapter 1 introduces Reuven Malter and Danny Saunders. The novel is written in first person through the eyes of Reuven Malter.

• Reuven Malter is a 15-year-old Orthodox Jewish boy that attends a Yeshiva, or Jewish Parochial school, in Brooklyn. Reuven's father is a teacher at his Yeshiva, and teaches Jewish as well as English subjects.

• Danny Saunders is a 15-year-old Hasidic Jew of Russian heritage who lives only five blocks from Reuven.

• Danny wears the traditional Hasidic Jew garb of white shirts, dark pants, white sweaters and black skullcaps.

• The first scene involves a baseball game between Reuven and Danny's Yeshiva baseball teams.

• Reuven's gym teacher, Mr. Galanter, coaches Reuven's baseball team while Danny's baseball team is coached by one of his Yeshiva's Rabbis.

• Danny's baseball team, known as "murderers," arrives and demands to have a warm up period on the field.

• Danny's team plays "hard" baseball by...

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