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Short Answer Questions

1. Where are Archie and Obie sitting at the beginning of Chapter 39?

2. How many Barretts does Jerry call in Chapter 26 before he gets Ellen on the phone?

3. After Emile hangs up from talking to Archie, what does he call Archie?

4. At the beginning of Chapter 22, what does Brian learn about the chocolate sales?

5. Who confronts Jerry in Chapter 31?

Short Essay Questions

1. At the beginning of Chapter 21, how does Kevin do selling chocolates?

2. At the end of Chapter 30, what does Goober feel and why?

3. How does Archie get Emile stirred up to fight at the assembly in Chapter 35?

4. In Chapter 34, how does Jerry feel at the beginning of the school day?

5. How does Archie get permission to have an assembly at the athletic field in Chapter 35?

6. In Chapter 25, what does the summons to The Vigils meeting look like and what air does it have?

7. At the end of Chapter 38, what does Brother Leon say about what happened?

8. At the end of Chapter 28, what does Jerry think and feel as he looks at the mess in his locker?

9. In Chapter 24, what does Brian think is the reason why Brother Leon is so desperate to have the chocolates sold?

10. What happens to Jerry at the end of Chapter 31?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Archie and Brother Leon have many character traits in common. What traits do they have in common? How are their character traits revealed by their actions? Would you consider their character traits to be positive or negative?

Essay Topic 2

In the novel, some characters are more thoroughly described than others. Who are some characters that are merely named in passing or have a minor role in the novel? What is the importance of these flat characters to the story line? In what way do these characters make the main characters more colorful or interesting? When there is conflict, what type of role do these flat characters play?

Essay Topic 3

Brother Leon uses intimidation to get what he wants. How does Brother Leon use intimidation to get others to do what he wants? Who else uses intimidation? Why does the use of intimidation become dangerous?

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