The Chocolate War Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. In Chapter 1, why does Jerry think that he will make the team?

After practice the coach calls Jerry over. He asks Jerry what he weighs and how tall is he. The coach asks him why he wants to play football. The coach looks at Jerry in disgust and then tells him to show up tomorrow. Because the coach is allowing him to keep trying out, Jerry believe that he will make the team.

2. How does Jerry feel at the end of Chapter 1?

As Jerry staggers back to the school, nausea spreads through his stomach. He manages to make it back to the school and into a bathroom. He is feeling less nauseated and not as much pain as he was on the field. Still he vomits because of how he feels.

3. At the beginning of Chapter 2, how does Obie feel about Archie and why?

Obie is bored, disgusted, and tired of Archie. Obie both hates and admires Archie. He especially at that point in time dislikes Archie because Archie is keeping Obie there wasting time and making him late for work.

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