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Essay Topic 1

Archie and Brother Leon have many character traits in common. What traits do they have in common? How are their character traits revealed by their actions? Would you consider their character traits to be positive or negative?

Essay Topic 2

Archie is a keen observer of the people around him. How does Archie observe and evaluate the people he interacts with? How is body language used to help Archie and others determine what a person is feeling? How is that information used to manipulate people?

Essay Topic 3

Brother Leon verbally abuses Gregory Bailey. How do Goober and Jerry feel about that abuse? Why do they not come to Gregory’s defense? How does that scene foreshadow the troubles to come for Jerry?

Essay Topic 4

Jerry suffers at the hand of bullies in the novel. In what way is bullying tolerated by some of the teachers, especially Brother...

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