The Chocolate War Character Descriptions

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Jerry Renault

This character is a freshman whose mother died of cancer in the spring. He decides to disturb his universe and not sell chocolates for his high school. This is a decision that almost costs him his life.

The Goober

This character enjoys playing football and running. He quits sports after he is ordered to destroy Room 19 at school. When a fellow student is badly injured, he is the only one who goes the boy’s aid.

Archie Costello

This character is the assigner for The Vigils. He is not a physically violent person, but he uses his power to intimidate and hurt others. When someone is nearly killed because of an event he arranges, he feels no guilt.


This character is the secretary for The Vigils and the assistant for the assigner. He keeps hoping that the assigner will be taken down by the Black Box...

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