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Chapters 1-3

• The following version of this book was used to create this Lesson Plan: Cormier, Robert. The Chocolate War. Alfred A. Knofp, Inc., 1990.

• In Chapter 1, Jerry Renault, a freshman at Trinity High School, is trying out for the football team.

• Jerry is only five feet nine inches and weighs 145 pounds.

• He is hit so hard by the other guys, that it feels like they have murdered him.

• While he is enduring the pummeling, he tries to remember what The Goober told him about the coach just trying to test him.

• The coach interrogates him after practice and asks why he wants to try out for the team.

• Then the coach tells him to come back tomorrow.

• Jerry staggers back to the school and a bathroom, and he vomits.

• In Chapter 2, Obie and Archie are in the bleachers watching the football practice.

• Obie admires and hates Archie.

• Obie...

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