Objects & Places from The Chocolate Touch

Patrick Skene Catling
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This is John’s favorite type of candy. Because of a visit to a candy store, everything that John eats tastes like this.

Gold Chocolate Ball

This is one piece of candy that is inside a large box that John buys from a candy store.

Silver Coin

This is something that John finds on the sidewalk, and that he uses to buy candy.


This is something that John is using when he first realizes that everything he eats becomes his favorite candy.


This is something that John becomes desperate for after hours of having everything he eats turn into candy.

Silver Dollar

This is something Susan receives for her birthday. When John bites it, part of it turns into candy.


This is the musical instrument that John plays in the orchestra.

Leather Gloves

These are what John is gnawing on when confronted by a...

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