The Chocolate Touch Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Patrick Skene Catling
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Chapters 1-3

• The following version of this book was used to create this Lesson Plan: Catling, Patrick Skene. The Chocolate Touch. Harper Trophy, 1979. Paperback.

• In Chapter 1, John Midas is a well-behaved boy except for when he pretends to be a tiger when his sister is supposed to be going to sleep.

• He is a part of a loving, supportive family with parents who spend time with him and his sister Mary.

• John likes school and gets along with his teacher, Miss Plimsole, if he does careful work.

• He plays the trumpet, and the music teacher, Mrs. Quaver, lets him play with the school orchestra.

• He likes Susan Buttercup, a girl who has the best marble collection in the neighborhood.

• John’s one fault is that he likes candy, especially chocolate.

• He spends all of his money on candy, and he never shares his candy.

• His mother discovers red...

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