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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Theo silently suggest Julian's baby should be?

2. What catastrophe occurs immediately following the birth?

3. Who are Rolf's political views most similar to?

4. How does Julian respond to the news of the SSP?

5. After Xan finds Theo and Julian, what does he tell Theo he will do with Julian?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are Theo's nightmares about after his return home from traveling?

2. What does Theo reflect upon while sitting outside the woodshed as Miriam prepares Julian for her baby's delivery?

3. What does Miriam inform Theo of in the car, and what is his reaction? Who knows and who doesn't know the secret?

4. What does Theo write in his diary about the Five Fishes as he discusses the day of relaxation before they depart for Wales?

5. Summarize the confrontation between Xan and Theo.

6. What happens after the baby is born?

7. What kind of Warden does Rolf say he would be? What is Theo's reaction?

8. What do Theo and Miriam find inside Jasper's home? Describe what happens next.

9. What do Theo, Miriam, and Julian learn when they listen to the radio?

10. Why does Theo take Miriam inside to Jasper's, and not to Rolf?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The British setting of the book largely affects the characters' traits and many of the societal themes. What have you learned about British culture by reading the book? How is it similar and how is it different from your own culture? What do you think would have been different if this were a book written by an author in your own country? British students can discuss what they would imagine would have been different should the book have been of another nation's writing.

Essay Topic 2

One theme of the book is the human ability to persevere with compassion, even in the most difficult of circumstances. Discuss where you saw compassion in the behavior of the characters. Who surprises you the most with their compassion? Who do you expect to see more from?

Essay Topic 3

Who do you think lives their values the most throughout the story? Who does not? Discuss morality in the characters, and how you think this affects their behavior.

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