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Short Answer Questions

1. Who points out Felicia's making money out of the former system of criminal prosecution?

2. What are Sojourners?

3. "I wouldn't say the Tudor age was uniquely cruel... They died young in those days. Every age has its cruelties." Who says this?

4. "I never understood Dr. Faron's precise function when he was Warden's Adviser and it hasn't become clearer with his absence and the passing of three years." Who says this?

5. Which is not a demand of the Five Fishes as printed on their pamphlet?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why do you think Theo is repulsed so much by the Quietus, even though it seems to be his society's norm?

2. What does Theo find in his mail two weeks after meeting Julian to discuss his meeting with Xan? What is his opinion of it?

3. What does Miriam say has happened to her brother?

4. Does Theo immediately realize that he wishes to help the Five Fishes while witnessing the Quietus?

5. What day does Theo receive his invitation to Helena's home? How does he feel towards her new life?

6. How does Theo think Xan will respond to the notice from the Five Fishes? If Theo never leaves the Council, could he be more help to Julian?

7. In their private conversation after the meeting, how does Xan describe his authority to Theo?

8. How does Theo recollect his relationship with Xan?

9. How does Theo try to sway Julian away from her plans, and how does she defend her motives?

10. Though he eventually is asked over, for what event is Theo not invited to the home of Helena and her new husband?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Infertility is a terrifying thought, and obviously the main theme of the book. What do you see now in our society that the author could have been inspired by to write of this subject? In other words, what is the infertility that is the subject of the book symbolic of in our culture? Use examples from the book to support the claims that you make.

Essay Topic 2

Who do you think lives their values the most throughout the story? Who does not? Discuss morality in the characters, and how you think this affects their behavior.

Essay Topic 3

The author used foreshadowing many times throughout the course of the novel. Discuss some of the instances in which this technique was used, and how it added to the narrative. Can you recollect any events that are not foreshadowed that you feel would have added to the story if they were? Discuss.

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