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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Helena hurry off the phone when Theo calls her upon arriving home from traveling?
(a) Someone has company.
(b) She is cooking dinner.
(c) She is expecting a call.
(d) Rupert wishes for Helena not to speak with Theo.

2. Who sleeps in the car after Theo and the Five Fishes have to camp because of the flat tire?
(a) Julian and Rolf.
(b) Miriam and Luke.
(c) Miriam, Julian, and Luke.
(d) Julian and Miriam.

3. What does Theo notice after talking to Julian for a few minutes in Chapter 19?
(a) She looks older and tired.
(b) She looks more beautiful then he remembered.
(c) Her hand is deformed.
(d) She has gained weight.

4. How does Theo decide to abandon the car?
(a) Push it over a cliff.
(b) Hide it in the garage of a deserted home.
(c) Push it in a pond.
(d) Throw dirt and leaves over the top to hide it from aerial view.

5. Who agrees with Theo that Xan should know about Julian's pregnancy after Theo observes it for the first time?
(a) Luke.
(b) Rolf.
(c) Miriam.
(d) No one.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Theo confess to the old couple as he ties them up?

2. What does Theo silently suggest Julian's baby should be?

3. What does Woolvington do in the woodshed?

4. Where does Theo see Julian in Chapter 19?

5. What is Theo's concern in Chapter 25?

Short Essay Questions

1. What do Theo and Rolf discuss the morning after the car is pulled over? Do they seem to bond or argue?

2. What does Miriam inform Theo of in the car, and what is his reaction? Who knows and who doesn't know the secret?

3. How does Theo plan for Julian to escape the attackers? Does the plan work? What is unsuccessful?

4. Summarize the confrontation between Xan and Theo.

5. How do Theo and the Five Fishes get delayed in Chapter 24?

6. What are Theo's nightmares about after his return home from traveling?

7. What does Theo write in his diary about the Five Fishes as he discusses the day of relaxation before they depart for Wales?

8. Why does Theo take Miriam inside to Jasper's, and not to Rolf?

9. How do Theo and the Five Fishes spend the rest of the relaxing day in Chapter 26?

10. How does Theo choose the house he robs and how does he gain entry?

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