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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Theo say that he will do with the diary entry that is Chapter 19?
(a) He will save it for Julian to read one day.
(b) He will tear it out.
(c) He will use it as compost.
(d) It was the most therapeutic of any other.

2. Who goes into the house with Theo?
(a) Rolf.
(b) Julian.
(c) Luke.
(d) Miriam.

3. What final act of decency does Theo bestow upon the couple?
(a) He untied them and let them use the bathroom.
(b) He covered them with blankets.
(c) He helped them drink a glass of water.
(d) He put on soothing music.

4. Whose house is Theo taking the Five Fishes to in Chapter 22?
(a) Helena's.
(b) His mother's.
(c) Jasper's.
(d) His aunt's.

5. When does Theo say in his journal that they will leave the place he is writing because of the flat tire?
(a) In two days.
(b) The next morning.
(c) In one hour.
(d) They will stay through the delivery of the baby.

Short Answer Questions

1. What are the weapons of the unwelcome visitors decorated with?

2. How does Theo think of London as he contemplates his next move after the robbery?

3. How does Julian respond to the news of the SSP?

4. Why does Theo pull the car over in Chapter 23?

5. How does Theo know what to say while christening the baby?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does the book end?

2. What does Miriam inform Theo of in the car, and what is his reaction? Who knows and who doesn't know the secret?

3. How do Theo and the Five Fishes spend the rest of the relaxing day in Chapter 26?

4. How does Theo treat the old couple? Give examples.

5. What does Theo write in his diary about the Five Fishes as he discusses the day of relaxation before they depart for Wales?

6. What kind of Warden does Rolf say he would be? What is Theo's reaction?

7. When Theo awakens in Chapter 25, where does he learn that Luke and Julian have gone? What does he think of their disappearance from the rest of the group?

8. What happens as Theo and Rolf tend to the car in Chapter 24?

9. How does Theo choose the house he robs and how does he gain entry?

10. What are the threats Julian, Theo, and Miriam must confront once they are reunited after the robbery?

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