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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is the Five Fishes' pamphlet addressed to?
(a) To the citizens of the world.
(b) To Xan Lyppiatt and the Council of England.
(c) To those concerned with injustice.
(d) To the people of Britain.

2. What is Theo's old driver's name?
(a) Leo.
(b) Edwin.
(c) George.
(d) Martin.

3. Who introduces Theo to the museum in Chapter 10?
(a) Helena.
(b) His favorite professor.
(c) His mother.
(d) Xan.

4. When Miriam buries her brother's ashes, what does she say?
(a) "I remember that it was raining and when I poured the white grit into the hole it was as if the whole garden was crying."
(b) "Pouring the ashes into ground, watching them collapse upon another... it was how I knew what I must do."
(c) "He had died for this nation's paranoia, this unnerving fear of what isn't. You must help us, Theo."
(d) "What pain there is in being sent a loved one in the mail, burying them alone, and living to see they've died for nothing."

5. What secret of his father does Xan reveal to Theo while they walk in the park?
(a) He kept mistresses.
(b) He was a drug addict.
(c) He was a criminal.
(d) He was gay.

6. Why does Theo believe the old women have been drugged?
(a) They twirl and dance.
(b) They speak in made-up languages.
(c) They attack one another.
(d) They sing children's songs.

7. What is on Hilda's cardigan when Theo visits her home?
(a) A crucifix.
(b) Blood.
(c) Congealed food.
(d) A pin of a newborn.

8. What is Helena's opinion of the Sojourners that she talks about in Chapter 16?
(a) They should be free as any other citizen.
(b) They shouldn't be completely liberated, but perhaps given better pay and rights.
(c) They are lucky to be here, and no one's forced them to come.
(d) There should be stronger mandates as to how many are allowed in the country.

9. What is Theo's opinion of the Chief Inspector at the end of Chapter 17?
(a) A coward, fulfilling his need for pre-measured authority.
(b) A respectable administer of order, unusual for the times.
(c) An aging and foul-smelling, wishful hero who missed his chance.
(d) A terrifying bureaucrat capable of unspeakable evil.

10. What does Theo eat at the inn?
(a) Fish and chips.
(b) Bangers and mash.
(c) Lasagna.
(d) Meat pies.

11. In Chapter 12, who else is at the meeting with Xan that Theo thought would be private?
(a) State Security Police.
(b) Army officers.
(c) The Five Fishes.
(d) The Council.

12. What does Theo do with the Five Fishes' pamphlet?
(a) Showed it to Helena.
(b) Wrote his grocery list over it.
(c) Flushed it down the toilet.
(d) Saved it in his diary.

13. How does the driver describe the flagellants?
(a) "An obnoxious reminder to our fate."
(b) "A rabble of no-hopers."
(c) "A horde of vile beasts unworthy of breath."
(d) "A group adding nothing more than insult to injury."

14. For whom is there still law and order in England?
(a) All Europeans.
(b) Britons.
(c) Intellectuals.
(d) The wealthy.

15. The position of Warden of England has officially replaced which other title?
(a) Prime Minister.
(b) King of England.
(c) Minister of State.
(d) Chancellor of Defense.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Theo recognize struggling near the ocean?

2. What two part-time jobs does Theo accept as part of his cousin's plan?

3. What does Theo still refuse to believe about Xan after he has met with him for the first time in years?

4. Who is Theo meeting in Chapter 14?

5. How does Theo describe the destruction of ramps at the Quietus to the Chief Inspector?

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