The Children of Men Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Describe the Omegas.

The Omegas are the people born in the final year of fertility, 1995. In the present of the book, they are twenty-five years old. It is said they are the ultimate reflection of the ability of nature; all beautiful, strong, confident, and also quite pained. The men are compared to gods, and the women maintain a classic beauty rarely ever seen. They have been studied and catered to more than any other generation, and as a result they have grown up to be radically narcissistic.

2. How does Theo recollect his relationship with Xan?

Though Xan was his rich cousin, Theo never felt as though Xan treated him as inferior. Theo comes to realize that this is because Xan appreciated Theo's presence in his life simply for the fact that he should not have to be bothered by his parents to keep other company. Xan was a private person, and it was just easier to have someone in his life who was simply an extension of his own self, like a twin.

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