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Omega Theater

Get into small groups of four or five, and create a play about being Omegas, the last generation to be born.


You and your classmates have been elected to Theo's (as the new Warden of England) Council, and the pressing issues are repopulating the world and rebuilding society. What are the technicalities needed to be able to do so? Elect teams and leaders to decide what the problems are, and what must be done to fix a post-Omega world.

Be an Ad Exec

Advertising is a big business that is largely based on profits. In a depopulated world, like the one in the book, there are fewer people for advertisements to reach and persuade to spend their money. This just means that their approach would have to intensify. Bring in an ad from any source (newspaper, magazine, internet, tv, etc.) and be prepared to discuss...

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