The Children of Men Character Descriptions

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Dr. Theodore Faron

This is the main character of the novel, and a flawed hero who falls in love with the woman who is the first and only of her generation to be pregnant.

Xan Lyppiatt

This character is the warden of England and his father is a baronet.


This character is one of the Five Fishes, is very religious, and is the only woman in the world to be pregnant.

Mrs. Faron

This character is an artist, and has to be very strong for her son after the death of her spouse. This person dies with her sister at her home when they are both very old.

Mr. Faron

The main character has nightmares of this person well into adulthood. This person dies when the main character is a child.


This is the ex-wife of the main character. She remarries a poster and dust jacket...

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