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Book One, Chapter 1 | Book One, Chapter 2

• The book begins on Dr. Theodore Faron's fiftieth birthday, New Year's Day, 2021.

• The world is plagued with infertility, and the last known human to be born, Joseph Ricardo, age 25, has died.

• Theo's cousin Xan Lyppiatt is the Warden of England, the highest ruler.

• Most of Theo's childhood memories are of Xan's family's estate, Woolcombe.

• Theo's father died of cancer when Theo was very young, and years later Xan and Theo's mothers die together at Woolcombe after many years of rivalry.

Book One, Chapter 3 | Book One, Chapter 4

• Theo recalls only happiness being allowed at Woolcombe.

• Woolcombe eventually becomes a nursing home for the privileged.

• Theo's mother sold paintings for extra money to raise her son, which he tries compensating her for later in life because he never loved her.

• Theo was sheltered from his father's death as a child, and as a result...

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