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Alison Weir (historian)
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 17, Little Children Like Angels.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After Philip left to help Charles V in his wars, how was Mary's state of mind about his departure?
(a) She was afraid.
(b) She was depressed.
(c) She was elated.
(d) She was relieved.

2. According to Weir, what did Mary most likely suffer from that accounted for her not giving birth?
(a) Pseudocyesis.
(b) Hydatidiform mole.
(c) Intrauterine death.
(d) Menopause.

3. How did the doctors and midwives attempt to comfort Mary about not delivering by the end of May?
(a) They said she was never pregnant.
(b) They said had already miscarried.
(c) They said she must have confused her dates.
(d) They said she would get pregnant again.

4. Why did Mary disallow Jane Grey's daily walks and freedoms at the Tower?
(a) Because a Catholic rebellion was brewing.
(b) Because she wanted to pardon her.
(c) Because a Protestant rebellion was brewing.
(d) Because she wanted to punish her.

5. What was John Dudley, Earl of Warwick's goal when he marched on Hampton Court?
(a) To incite an uprising against the king.
(b) To take over the Lord Protector's position.
(c) To kidnap Elizabeth.
(d) To take over Parliament.

Short Answer Questions

1. How much money did Sir William Sharington give to Thomas Seymour to pay his mercenaries?

2. What were two political reasons for Philip of Spain's marriage to Queen Mary?

3. When Mary fled to Kenninghall, she stated that she was the true queen by "____and____law"?

4. According to Weir, Charles V did not want Philip of Spain in England while what?

5. What was the name of Henry VIII's final wife, who encouraged him to reinstate Mary in succession?

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