Daily Lessons for Teaching The Children of Henry VIII

Alison Weir (historian)
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Lesson 1 (from Introduction and Prologue)


Introduction and Prologue

Weir opens her account with Henry VIII. The purpose of Lesson #1 is to understand Henry VIII as a historical figure.


1) Class Discussion: Who was Henry VIII? What kind of king was he? Was he liked or disliked? Would you characterize him as a benevolent leader? Why or Why Not?

2) Class Activity: Using the board, write down 5-10 personality characteristics and discuss which ones were more conducive, appropriate, and/or suited for a king. Compare them to Weir's account by outlining her central argument and how it compares to other historical accounts of this period.

3) Group Activity: In groups of 2-3, compare and contrast Henry VIII's religious and political viewpoints with that of his ancestors. How did his views support and/or differ from other family members? What significant changes did he make? How is he perceived by historians today?

4) Homework Assignment: In...

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