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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1)


Chapter 1

Dystopian fiction is the creation of a nightmare world, or dystopia. The objective of this lesson is to examine how the writing style of this section reveals the genre of The Child in Time as dystopian fiction.


1) Class Discussion: What is dystopian fiction? Identify elements of a historical novel in this chapter. For example, in dystopian fiction, the world is far from perfect and has foreboding, spooky, and often terrifying elements. What does the author reveal about the character(s) in these settings that immediately introduces the element of dystopian fiction? What elements of the story line reveal any artistic license?

2) Group Discussion: In dystopian fiction, some characters undergo significant change through painful experiences. Who are these characters mentioned in The Child in Time? How are they depicted? Do you find them appealing? Why or why not?

3) Individual Writing Assignment: Write a paragraph describing...

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