The Child in Time Character Descriptions

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Stephen Lewis

A writer of children's books, this character is very disturbed by the loss of a child who is kidnapped when they go to a market.

Julie Lewis

This character is a violinist who withdraws into the country when a child is kidnapped.

Kate Lewis

This character is only three years old when kidnapped.

Charles Darke

This character attempts to convince a children's writer to publish a book called Lemonade.

Thelma Darke

This character is a teacher who finds a publisher dead in the woods.

Ruth Lyle

This character is mistaken for a kidnapped child.

The Homeless Girl in Yellow

This character is homeless, begging, and dies.

Lord Parmenter

This character is rigid and the chairman of the committee related to childhood development.

The Prime Minister

This character has been spying upon a publisher for years.

Claire Temperly Lewis

This character initially does not want a child...

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