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Chapter 1

• Stephen Lewis, a children's writer, encounters a young girl dressed in a yellow frock, who is a beggar.

• He gives her more than a usual donation but she calls him a "rich creep."

• Stephen attends a meeting of the Official Commission on Child Care's Subcommittee on Reading and Writing in Whitehall under Lord Parmenter.

• Stephen's mind wanders and he thinks about the day his 3-year old daughter Kate when missing in the local market.

• Kate was wearing a red scarf and held a donkey in her arms that day.

• Julie had stayed in bed that day as Stephen took Kate to the market to shop.

• After he paid for some items, he reached for Kate but she was missing.

• He tells the police and he wanders around on foot but cannot find her.

• When Stephen gets home, he tells Julie, his wife, a violinist.

• Julie spends most...

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