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Nelson Demille
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What causes Lisa to accept their teaching positions at the Charm School?
(a) When Burov threatens them with death.
(b) Burov threatens to kill someone if they do not comply.
(c) Burov says they will be millionaires.
(d) Burov will kill Lisa if she does not join.

2. Where does Sam decide to stay until it is time to leave Russia?
(a) With Lisa.
(b) At his own apartment.
(c) With Kay.
(d) As Seth's place.

3. What does Sam realize about Mike?
(a) He works for the American embassy.
(b) He is a very sneaky individual.
(c) He was a Charm School Grad.
(d) He was an American spy and informant.

4. Before they can begin their training as instructors, what will Sam and Lisa be forced to take?
(a) Sodium pentothal (truth serum) and a polygraph test.
(b) Polygraph Test.
(c) None of the above.
(d) Sodium pentothal.

5. Who supposedly leaked the details of Fisher's phone call?
(a) Someone at the Embassy.
(b) Seth, who is a double agent.
(c) Kay.
(d) A Russian spy.

6. Where does Banks want Lisa and Sam to stay until it is time for them to leave?
(a) The US Embassy.
(b) Within a 5 mile distance from the city.
(c) His apartment in Moscow.
(d) In one of his apartments.

7. What does Sam learn about his new friend, Tim Landis?
(a) He wishes he would have never married.
(b) He wishes he would have never had children.
(c) Tim is an American prisoner married to a Russian women.
(d) Tim is a double agent.

8. How does General Austin feel about being at the Charm School with the rest of the people?
(a) Happy that his friends are around.
(b) Exhausted because he can't think of any ways to escape.
(c) Sad, because he wants to see his wife and kids.
(d) Guilty that he has not tried harder to get them all out of the Charm School.

9. What is everyone at camp preparing for in Chapter 35?
(a) The execution.
(b) A birthday party.
(c) The new arrivals.
(d) The Halloween Party.

10. While considering the proposal, what else does Burov give them free reign to do?
(a) Question the spies.
(b) To contact their families.
(c) Make friends with anyone and everyone.
(d) They are allowed to explore the Charm School to understand how it works.

11. How many prisoners are being held at Charm School?
(a) 200 pilots.
(b) 300 pilots.
(c) 500 pilots.
(d) 100 pilots.

12. At Lisa and Sam's going away party, what do their colleagues do?
(a) Sign a book for them to remember all of their old coworkers.
(b) Talk about Sam and LIsa behind their back.
(c) Beg them not to leave.
(d) Give funny going away speeches.

13. Over the course of a year, what do the Russians learn?
(a) How they could run a successful American business.
(b) American geography and dialect.
(c) How to talk, think, and act like Americans.
(d) How to write like an American.

14. What does he allow Sam and Lisa to do after they see each other?
(a) Go outside and get fresh air.
(b) Write memoirs.
(c) Contact their families.
(d) Shower, eat, and put on clean clothes.

15. While the students of the KGB school walk, talk, and act like Americans, what is wrong?
(a) The students are not excited about learning.
(b) They study too hard so everything seems fake.
(c) They do not learn quickly enough.
(d) Something seems to be missing from their performance.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who will Surikov give the microfilm to?

2. How often does Lisa attend church?

3. What will Surikov give Sam if he helps Surikov and his granddaughter defect?

4. What do Sam and Lisa discover about Jack Dodson and Ernie Simms?

5. Why is this extremely dangerous for Sam and the American government?

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