The Charm School Short Essay - Answer Key

Nelson Demille
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1. What type of novel is The Charm School by Nelson DeMille?

The Charm School is a novel of international espionage and intrigue. It is set during the Cold War.

2. As the novel begins, how does DeMille's style narrate the story?

The first part of the novel switches back and forth between the narratives of Lisa Rhodes and Gregory Fisher. This causes the characters to be weaved together. As Part 1 culminates with the death of Gregory Fisher, it ties Lisa to his murder and foreshadows her involvement throughout the rest of the novel.

3. As Lisa's character is introduced into the story, what does the reader learn about her personal and professional life?

The reader learns that while Lisa is a successful young woman, she was also able to have a love life. Seth Alevy was her boyfriend. She does not wish to get re-involved with Seth because he is a spy. She did not like what when along with his spy lifestyle.

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