Objects & Places from The Charm School

Nelson Demille
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The Rossiya Hotel

A massive hotel located in Moscow. This is the site of Gregory Fisher's disappearance.

The Red Flame Collective at Yablonya

A tiny village comprised of fifteen or so peasant farm families. It is located close to the town of Mozhaisk. This is also where Sam Hollis and Lisa Rhodes spend the night hiding from Colonel Burov and the KGB.

The Battlefield at Borodino

It is the place where Napoleon Bonaparte challenged the Russian army under General Kutuzov in the War of 1812. It is also the site of Hitler's World War II defeat in 1941.

The Antique Shop

This place is located in the Arbat shopping district of Moscow. Seth Alevy often dispatches Lisa Rhodes here to purchase fine Russian goods. It is a possible CIA rendezvous spot.


This is the headquarters of the KGB, also known as the Russian Secret Service. At one point in...

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