The Charm School Fun Activities

Nelson Demille
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Create your own Spy.

Create your own spy and describe the following aspects of the spy:

- His or her dress

- His or Her's name

- Their education and background

Create your own secret code.

With a partner, research some types of secret codes that spies might use.

Then, together create your own secret code. Create a message in code and then give it to another group to decode.

Russian Dress Up

Research the dress of Russian peasants in the late 20th century.

Use any materials you would like.

Russian Food.

Research a type of food or meal that is very popular in Russia.

Try to make the dish and then bring it in for the entire class to try.

Bring the recipe into class.

Russian Weather Report.

Before traveling to Russia, it is important to check the weather!

Pretend you are a Weather Forecaster and describe...

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