The Charm School Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Nelson Demille
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Essay Topic 1

While Sam and Seth believe each other to be friends, they also have a very competitive rivalry occurring between the men.

Describe how Sam and Seth are similar to one another?

What makes them alike besides their positions as spies and interest in Lisa?

Essay Topic 2

When Same and Lisa learn of the function of the Charm School, they begin to think of people that could possible be Russian spies.

Why is Sam very quick to believe that Lisa is a Charm School graduate? Is it because he is feeling something for her?

Is Sam afraid to let his feelings be free because he might get hurt, the same way he was hurt with his wife?

Essay Topic 3

Explain what an idealist Communist State would be like.

How did Cold War Russia live up to this purest form of Communism and how did it fail?


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