The Charm School Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Nelson Demille
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Part I: Chapters 1 - 8

• The Charm School begins with Gregory Fisher driving through the Russian country side. Fisher is thrilled to be in Russia, but realizes he is lost.

• He stops to look at a road sign for help and hears a voice

• The narrative quickly shifts to Lisa Rhodes, an American working in Russia.
• Lisa is asked by her boss to attend a cocktail party but declines.

• Lisa likes Russia, but does like her ex-boyfriend, Seth, who was somewhat of a spy. His spying ways caused a rift in their relationship.

• Switching back to Fisher, he encounters two Russian officers who tell him that foreigners are not allowed on the roads after dark.
• Fisher becomes scared that people are following him.

• He goes to his hotel and begins drinking vodka and talking to a Russian couple.

• Finally he calls the US embassy and explains his story.

• While...

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