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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who takes Gilda away?
(a) Rev. Neville.
(b) Mr. Newby.
(c) Dowie Stead.
(d) Two Sisters of Mercy.

2. What does McCreadie tell Jimmie after they rebuild the holy place?
(a) Mort cannot last as long as Jimmie.
(b) Jimmie must leave Mort.
(c) Jimmie and Mort must hide at the holy place.
(d) Mort is sick.

3. How much labor has Jimmie still not been paid for by Mr. Newby in Chapter 8?
(a) Two thousand yards.
(b) Nine hundred yards.
(c) Four hundred yards.
(d) One hundred yards.

4. How does Jimmie feel when at the holy place?
(a) Happy and refreshed.
(b) Peaceful and serene.
(c) Afraid and confused.
(d) Disturbed and angry.

5. What do the Blacksmiths have very little of in Chapter 8?
(a) Friends.
(b) Food.
(c) Coal.
(d) Blankets.

Short Answer Questions

1. How many seconds go by before Mr. Hyberry trips the lever when hanging someone?

2. What is the committee that the town has formed for?

3. Where is Mr. Newby going to move?

4. Why is Dowie more indecisive than ever?

5. Who brings the man to be hung to Mr. Hyberry?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Dowie Stead go after Jimmie and Mort?

2. Why does McCreadie tell Jimmie to leave Mort, and how does Jimmie react?

3. Why does Mort paint his face white?

4. Why do Jimmie and Mort go to the Healy's house?

5. What happens when Mort and Jimmie find a little house with an old couple inside?

6. Describe the new bill that is created in response to the brothers.

7. Why do Jimmie and Tabidgi visit the Newby household in Chapter 8?

8. Is Jimmie happy to be left alone with Mort?

9. Why does Jimmie attack the women?

10. How is McCreadie's health?

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