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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is unique about Jimmie's heritage?
(a) He is white but raised by aboriginals.
(b) He is black but raised by white people.
(c) He is half white, half aborigine.
(d) He is half aborigine, half Chinese.

2. According to Tabidgi, what has Jimmie done by marrying a white woman?
(a) Raised his social standing.
(b) Achieved greatness.
(c) Ruined his life.
(d) Broken the tribal marriage pattern.

3. Why does Jimmy go with the Nevilles?
(a) Jimmie thinks the job might improve his status.
(b) The Nevilles are like family to Jimmie.
(c) Jimmie has nowhere else to go.
(d) Jimmie wants to distance himself from his family.

4. Why is the initiation tooth given to Jimmie?
(a) For Jimmie to keep safe.
(b) For Jimmie to wear around his neck.
(c) For Jimmie to give to Gilda.
(d) For Jimmie to bury.

5. What results from Jimmie's Saturday night out with Wongee Tom?
(a) Jimmie meets a girl.
(b) Jimmie gets arrested.
(c) Jimmie makes a new friend.
(d) Jimmie injures himself.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Jimmie afraid that Farrell will do after he leaves work?

2. What tribe does Jimmie belong to?

3. Where does Jimmie go to arrange his marriage?

4. Which direction does Jimmie go when he leaves Brentwood?

5. What is Tabidgi's "white" name?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why might Jimmie have decided to drop the issue rather than argue with Healy about the quality of the fence?

2. Who are the Nevilles and what is their role in Jimmie's life?

3. Why is Mr. Newby angry at Jimmie and what does he do about it?

4. Toward the end of Chapter 2, what has Jimmie decided is the key to bettering his life?

5. Describe the place and time that the novel is set in.

6. Why is Gilda glad that she will be able to give birth in the main house?

7. How is Gilda doing since the birth?

8. What does Mr. Newby do that is just like Jimmie's previous employers?

9. Who does Jimmie fall in love with in Chapter 2?

10. Why does Tabidgi Jackie Smolders visit Jimmie?

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