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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is the initiation tooth given to Jimmie?
(a) For Jimmie to keep safe.
(b) For Jimmie to wear around his neck.
(c) For Jimmie to give to Gilda.
(d) For Jimmie to bury.

2. Who is Miss Petra Graf?
(a) A friend of Gilda's.
(b) Farrell's wife-to-be.
(c) Mr.Newby's mistress.
(d) The schoolmistress.

3. What is Tabidgi's "white" name?
(a) Albert Finnie.
(b) Robert Kent.
(c) Freddie Munch.
(d) Jackie Smolders.

4. What job does Jimmie tell Wongee Tom he wants to get?
(a) Fence-building.
(b) Sheep sheering.
(c) Cattle- herding.
(d) Coal digging.

5. Who does Gilda fear and hate?
(a) Tabidgi Jackie Smolders.
(b) Jimmie.
(c) Mort.
(d) Mr.Newby.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Mrs. Newby tell Gilda she can have the baby?

2. What did Jimmie say he had been doing in his absence?

3. What does Jackie Smolders carry with him on his trip to Wallah?

4. How does Jimmie's progress with the fence go?

5. In Chapter 7, what does Jimmie tell his relatives he does not have?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is Gilda glad that she will be able to give birth in the main house?

2. Who does Jimmie fall in love with in Chapter 2?

3. What does Mr. Newby do that is just like Jimmie's previous employers?

4. Why does Tabidgi Jackie Smolders visit Jimmie?

5. Why was Healy unhappy with the fence Jimmie built?

6. What is the significance of Jimmie's initiation tooth?

7. Why is Jimmie awakened one night by someone in Verona?

8. Why does Jimmie leave home after only staying there for two days?

9. Who are the Nevilles and what is their role in Jimmie's life?

10. How was Jimmie punished for Healy's dissatisfaction with the fence?

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